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Ajrak is a name given to a  unique form of blockprinted shawls found in Sindh & Kutch. These shawls ( or larger sizes) display special designs and patterns made using block printing by stamps.

The level of geometry on the garment comes from the usage of a method of printing called woodblock printing in which prints were transferred from geometric shapes etched on the wooden blocks by pressing them with precision, hard on the fabric.

The tradition still prevails, centuries later. The garment has become an essential part of the Sindhi culture and apparel of Sindhis. Women use it as a dupatta or shawl. Men use it as a turban, a cummerbund or simply drape it over the shoulder. Ajraks are usually about 2.25 metres long, patterned in intense colours predominantly rich crimson to give definition to the geometric symmetry in design. Ajraks of 5 metres serve as exquisite Bedsheets. The Ajrak’s usage is evident at all levels of society, and is held in high esteem, with the utmost respect given to it. According to Sindhi traditions, ajraks are often presented as gifts of hospitality to guests, they are also worn on festive occasions such as weddings and cultural events.

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