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Jai Jhulelal is a richly illustrated, colourful graphic novel on the awe-inspiring story of the birth and life of Jhulelal. He was a saint, a warrior, a secularist and a messenger of love and harmony to the people of Sindh. Jhulelal’s teachings will take the readers back to honoring the fundamental elements of the universe. The true spirit of religion was at the core of Uderolal’s teachings- “All people are children of God and they follow their faith as is willed by him. Brotherhood of all men is the highest ideal of all true religions.

God prevails in each human being. You have to be answerable to God for your misdeeds done to his creations”

The book is for both parents and children, since the narration is simple, vivid and in graphic detail. The book also contains six of Jhulelal’s famous songs, in Sindhi, along with its English translation.

An absolute must for every Sindhi!

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