WS 116 – Ralli (Quilt) Single


When you buy a handcrafted product from, you make it possible for rural crafts people to earn a livelihood, you affirm their right to live with dignity, and you help
safeguard a glorious Sindhi heritage and culture.

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Sindhi Rallis are traditional handmade quilts made by women in Sindh and surrounding areas. A Ralli is a textile jewel finished with physical and spiritual labour made with hand and mind. The basic designs and motifs have been passed from mother to daughter and woman to woman for over thousands of years. Meticulously sewn, they are used as blankets as well as bed covers, and can also be used as wall hangings. Rallis are made completely of cotton and are the true folk art of Sindh where various pieces of multicoloured cloth are cut and stitched together to form one artistic product.

It’s intricate patterns show the creativity, the skill and dexterity of the Sindhi artisans. The explosion of colours and intricate designs makes it possible for Rallis to be used in rooms of any colour. brings to your homes Rallis sourced directly from artisans in upper Kutch villages near Sindh.

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Weight 1700 g
Dimensions 48 x 78 x 1.5 in

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