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Published by – Indian Institute of Sindhology

This ‘Script Book’ is the first part of the correspondence course prepared on the distance education mode. This book is for learning the Sindhi script, which is also called Sindhi-Persio-Arabic Script as it is based on Persian and Arabic Scripts.

The materials in this book have been presented in a graded manner for teaching the script. The chants of traditional as well as modern alphabets have been given on the inside cover page for reference. The modified alphabet chart includes Roman and Devanagari equivalents. To cater to the need of the different users, both English and Hindi mediums have been adopted.

The format of the book is as follows:

  • The first 10 lessons are meant to introduce the letters, combination of the letters and the word formation. In these lessons, vocabulary, some phrases and short sentences have been introduced. The directions of hand movements for writing the letters have also been visually demonstrated for each letter. Different exercises have been provided for practice and reinforcement in each lesson.
  • The next five lessons (11 to 15) are designed for developing reading and writing practice. For that purpose situation based vocabulary items have been given.
  • A response sheet follows each lesson, for an evaluation which also helps the learner for self assessment. Every unit of 4 lessons is followed by a review lesson. After that there is a test, which measures the achievements of the learner.

It is hoped that this book will be helpful for learning the Sindhi script, by those who are familiar with English and Hindi.

This book is for learning the Sindhi script in an easy and interesting way. Come, Discover your roots!

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