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An exhaustive chronicle of the history, culture, rituals, religion, literature, language and recipes.

An indispensable book for every Sindhi!

Chapters Included :

History | Culture | Language | Authentic Recipes | Life of Jhulelal | Rituals & Poojas

About the book :

The world over, our Sindhi community is known for its resilience, sheer enthusiasm for life, ingenuity and a sharp business acumen. While ours is a life inspired by hope and belief in the future, if we look back, we see that the Sindhis have lived the most trying and testing chapter in human history the partition, a backdrop against which our understanding of Sindh is often defined, shaped and understood. Driven away from our native land, becoming refuges in our own country, and finally emerging with determination and courage, to become one of the most successful and philanthropic people settled all across the world it has been a momentous journey. Sindh, in a rather ironic way, for many across the world, has come to define the idea of home; as the world you carry within.

‘We, the Sindhis’ is a journey  back in time, and a look ahead at the future at what constitutes this sense of the Sindhi identity, and an attempt to reclaim its contours. It is an endeavour to bring some markers of our vanishing culture back into our homes, wherever we might be. As we continue to march on and make the globe our home, geography may divide us, but our heritage binds us. Not only is this book a ready reckoner, it is also a trusted and valuable resource for our cultural mores and ways, our language, rituals, religious practices, traditional recipes and folktales. Also a tribute to every Sindhi, it is a call to the community, and a meeting point for us. Every parent will feel compelled and encouraged to share the lessons from this saga with their children,so that they understand and appreciate their rich past. The immortal glory of Sindh is the inspiration built into the very fabric of this book.

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