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Stories from a Vanished Homeland
By Saaz Aggarwal.K.

In the weeks following the Partition of India, a majority of the Hindus left Sindh. Many moved to Bombay, but the diaspora scattered around the world. Most never looked back, never told their stories, determined to adapt to their new lives. Soon they had established themselves and even improved their situation. Unlike the Jews and Tibetans, they cast aside their traditions too easily.
Unlike the Palestinians, they tore themselves away from their ancestral land. Somewhat like the gypsy Romani, they did not know how many they had lost – because they had not counted in the first place.
Using childhood memories, Stories from a Vanished Homeland gives glimpses of different aspects of life in pre-partition Sindh. This book celebrates the positive attitude of a community that focussed on getting ahead, leaving negative thoughts and feelings behind, with a spirit of enterprise worthy of praise.

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