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The Book of We, the Sindhis Rs.499 +  jai Jhulelal Rs.225 +Dada’s Wisdom Rs.300 = Rs.899/- (Including Delivery)

Plus a silver frame of Sai Jhulelal with the above order!

Price : Rs 899 (India) – Delivery Cost Included.


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The Book of We, the Sindhis Rs.600

An exhaustive chronicle of history, culture, rituals, religion, literature, language and recipes.

An indispensable book for every Sindhi!


Jai Jhulelal Rs.225

The book is for both parents and children since the narration is simple, vivid and in graphic detail. The book also contains six of Jhulelal’s famous songs, in Sindhi, along with its English translation.


Dada’s Wisdom Rs.300

Dada’s Wisdom is a collection of Dada’s values, his wisdom, his advice and guidelines on how to tackle life’s problems. It is in this book that the seeker will find simple yet effective guide-posts on how to lead a happier and a more meaningful life. Wisdom is eternal, so are Dada’s words of wisdom.

= Rs.899/- (Including Delivery)

Plus a sliver frame of Sai Jhulelal with the above order!

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