Jhulelal Illustrated Novel

Jai Jhulelal .. The quality of the books are so good , and the delivery was done fast . The books have so much of information about our Sindhi culture, tradition,foods,
The life story of Lord Jhulelal, etc.. These books are must-haves for every Sindhi. Thanks .

Ashwin M.V

Jhulelal Illustrated Novel

"Jhulelal, the incarnation of Water God “Varun Devta” is a Cultural identity Symbol of Hindu Sindhi Community scattered all over India and in different parts of the world. Like Ganpati to Maharashtrians, Durga for Bengalis, Jhulelal for Sindhis has become a unifying spiritual icon to bless the community with peace and harmony, and gives solace to them during the turbulent times.
This excellent picture book presents the glimpses of Jhulelal’s life and teachings, which shall enthuse all the worshipers of the God-incarnate and shower his blessings for their well being."

Lakhmi Khilani, Director, Indian Institute of Sindhology, Adipur

Dada's Wisdom

"A great and a perfect compilation in a complete concise manner of Dada's views, teachings and guidance. This book provides a path in our daily lives as a beacon guiding us midst the challenges and ups and downs on the path of righteousness, taking us towards salvation and the purpose for which we have been brought into the life.

As a child I was fortunate to have been blessed by Sadhu Vaswani and Dada Vaswani; this book brought back those deep ingrained memories and a picture of humbleness, simplicity, serenity, selflessness and service as an important part of our lives. This book has a place in life as a ready reckoner and is a crucial part of my life"

Premkumar Kishnani, USA

We, The Sindhis

I am an old 89 year sindhi from Sahiti area. I came across your beautifully produced above Book and wish to congratulate all who contributed to produce and print this much needed book of Sindhi life, history and culture. It is a great service to the community. It has wonderful getup and attractive welcome paintings of Shri Meghraj Talreja depicting truthfully Sindhi way of life as it used to be in Sindh. It covers all aspects of our living including Sindhi food. To say the least it is just GREAT.

Chetan Mirani

We, The Sindhis

“I ordered this book for my dad 2 days back. He received next day. Thanks for the prompt delivery. He really likes this book, especially the history and culture.”

Vijay Dewnani, USA

We, The Sindhis

“The Book is extremely well produced, the contents are illuminating and informative. My congratulations on a successful production”

Mr Kishore Chhabria, Mumbai

We, The Sindhis

“The book is great work. Will always cherish it. It is a great way of helping me teach my children about our religion”

Ms Kanchan Talreja, Mumbai

We, The Sindhis

“ I must congratulate you for your vision and efforts, by bringing out such a well informed book about Sindhis. It is a must read for today’s generation, as well as all who want to know about Sindh and Sindhi”

Mr Notan Tolani, Hongkong

We, The Sindhis

“We thank you for sending us a copy of the beautiful book -"We, the Sindhis" for our library. It is no doubt an excellent volume giving pictorial details of Sindhi Culture. You deserve Kudos for your painstaking labour of love; the coming generations shall indeed be indebted to you for handing over such a precious legacy to them”

Mr Lakhmi Khilani, Director, Indian Institute of Sindhology, Adipur

We, The Sindhis

“The book is super awesome. Thank you and God Bless on rising sales”

Mr Sanjay Chugani, California

We, The Sindhis

It’s a treasure to be cherished for all times”

Mr Shyam Shroff, Mumbai

We, The Sindhis

“I just received this book and have fallen in love with it. The book has everything about Sindhis – Our seven beautiful folk tales by Shah Latif Bhittai, History, Culture, Language, recipes and everything!”

Ms Nitu Jiwnani, Mumbai

We, The Sindhis
“A few days back I received the treasure of a book named ‘We The Sindhis’. The book is about the Sindhis their History, Culture, Language, Authentic recipes, Life & Miracles of Jhulelal Saeen, Rituals & Poojas. This book was released at the hands of Our Beloved Dada Jashan P Vaswani during his 95th Birthday Celebration earlier this year in Pune, India and Dadaji has also written a Foreword in this book.

Excellently bound and printed on high quality glossy paper, I ordered this book through the webstore on the web with three easy clicks and the book was delivered to me at my doorstep here in Valencia (Spain) in a span of 10 days. In my opinion this a must-have book for all the Sindhi households and an excellent book to gift to our Sindhi friends and relatives. Also this will serve as an initiation to our Sindhi Culture and the Sindhi way of life for our Gen-Next. Heartiest Congratulations to our sajans Nandu Asrani & Deepak Keswani for putting in a herculean effort to come out with this excellent book !”

Mr Arjan Nankani, Spain